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I’m JP and I’m the creative behind Leven Films. Since I would love to tell your story here’s a wee bit about how my story started.

wedding videos glasgow "Do you notice anything different about me?" 24 years on and I can still recall everything about that moment, It was the start of a relationship that has lead to over 16 years of marriage, 3 houses, 2 kids, 2 cats, a dog, a business and lots and lots and lots of Lego and I mean lots of Lego.

I can trace everything back to when Lianne asked me that question, everything good in my life from then has happened because of that moment. More moments would follow, the moment Lianne turned up at the church 15 minutes early on our wedding day, the moment I saw my daughter for the first time and realised it wasn't just me and Lianne anymore, that I had someone else to care about and the moment my son arrived and thinking I was still scared of being a parent to one child let alone two.

Moments in Life

wedding videos glasgow Everyone has their own moments where their life pivots. Many of us will meet someone, many of us will get married and may have children but these events are individual to each and everyone who experiences them. We come to them as different people with different histories, they happen to us differently, often in a different order and with other moments in between. These times, these experiences collectively tell your unique story.

These unique stories are what drive us to do what we do, the idea that we get to meet a couple and tell a story that is individual to them is a powerful incentive to get up, go to work and create. I treasure these moments in my life and I know how much I want to feel those moments again.

This is what goes into every film we create, it is the entire foundation of our company, to take you back to that moment in time and not just watch what happened on your wedding day but feel it and relive it as close as possible.

Oh and in answer to your question what was different about Lianne? Her glasses and in answer to your second question yes I did notice.

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